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内容摘要:Guangzhou is the birthplace of a whole host of cutting-edge technology, including China's first autonomous fleet and world’s first autonomou...

Guangzhou is the birthplace of a whole host of cutting-edge technology, including China's first autonomous fleet and world’s first autonomous Aerial Vehicle: the city is sharing its stories of innovation with the world at?a promotion conference on April 9th, during the?Boao Forum for Asia.

Ten special guests have been invited to tonight’s event to share their experiences, and four of them are engaged in the filed of artificial intelligence (AI), including Derrick Xiong, co-founder and chief marketing officer of EHang Inc, Tony Han, CEO of, Zhou Xi, CEO of Cloudwalk, and Harry Hu, COO and Acting CFO of

Since 2017, the city has been pressing ahead and promoting its IAB industries, IAB referring to the next generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and biological medicines.

The following profiles demonstrate how the above AI companies are promoting innovation in the city.

金沙网上娱乐澳门:Guangzhou launched its autonomous ride-sharing fleet, also it is the first public road test in Nansha.

Aiming at building the safest and most reliable technology for autonomous vehicles, Pony. Ai was founded in December 2016, California. In October 2017, they set up their China headquarters in Nansha, Guangzhou.

In early February this year, held a special event to launch its autonomous ride-sharing fleet, becoming the first company to offer self-driving car rides on city roads to the general public in China.

Also, it signed a cooperative agreement with the Guangdong-based auto giant, GAC, to jointly develop a world-class smart driving system, here in Guangzhou.


JingChi's autonomous vehicles - GE3, displayed at the 2018 Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference.

JingChi, a mobility company established in April 2017, Silicon Valley, focuses on AI and autonomous driving, and has established its global headquarters in Guangzhou’s Development District.

The company is planning to deploy 500 to 1,000 self-driving cars in 2018, and develop itself into a "world-class" leader in the sector.

It would help the city to become the nation's first to have the capability of bringing driverless cars into fruition.

Ehang Inc


EHang 184 in Vogue Magazine.

Founded in 2014 in Guangzhou, Ehang is an intelligent aerial vehicle technology and service company.

It has become a leading advocate of the global civilian drone industry in innovative ideas such as autonomous self-driving passenger drones.

In 2016, it launched the EHang 184, world’s first electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). It has no pilot -- either on the ground or in the machine. What the passenger only need to do is to simply input the destination on a touchscreen, the drone will take care of the rest.




A self-service machine incorporates facial recognition technology and enables restaurant customers to order food.

Established in April 2015, Cloudwalk is a high-tech enterprise based out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in computer vision and AI.

It has become the first major supplier of face recognition products for China's banking sector. The company is already one of the leading players in the industry. The system is now also in operation in 80 percent of the country's civil aviation airports.

In November 2017, the company signed an agreement to set up the Cloudwalk AI Visual Imagies Innovation and Research Center with Nansha’s local government to to highlight the district’s opportunities in developing itself as an AI industrial cluster.





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